Maximize fields in ingress with automated script


There are ways to realize the maximum MU's when building fields.
We can do it directly outside or just prepare everything comfortably at home with a helper script...

What you need:

  • Sufficient Resis and XMP shot
  • You need a lot of portal keys (You can drop portal keys or store in capsules)
  • You need a helper script. Learn to install it and feed it with the right parameters.


This is a console python application. It expects a POSIX-compatible system (Linux, OS X) virtualenv
Install everything, takes about 15min.
run following commands:
git clone
apt-get install pipx
apt-get install python3-venv
sudo apt install python3-testresources
create a directory inside the folder ingress-fieldplan:
mkdir /home/cideight/ingress-fieldplan/virtual
run following commands:
python3 -m venv /home/cideight/ingress-fieldplan/virtual
now we need to install the packets in requirements.txt with pip manager
pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Obtaining Google Spreadsheets credentials

#Goal is to get the credentials.json file....
#Complete the steps described in the rest of this page to create a simple Python command-line application that makes requests to the Google Sheets API (You must be loged in with a google account allready!)

Klick button:
Enable the Google Sheets API
Set the required information.
Download the client configuration file and upload credentials.json to folder ingress-fieldplan on your installation
run following commands:
cd ingress-fieldplan
run ./ --noauth_local_webserver
Visit the generated link
paste the code in waiting console
If Authentification successful the token is generated into the output directory (This may vary depending on system....)
In my case:
Token saved in /root/.cache/ingress-fieldmap/token.json
Switch to this folder and copy to your workingdir:
cp token.json /home/cideight/ingress-fieldplan

Obtaining Google Directions API key

click "Get Started" and go through the process
Follow the registration process. You must also provide a credit card to use Apis.
You can try everything for free for 3 months. After expiration you will be asked if you want to pay to continue using it or just make a new google account;)
Activate all products
Copy your generated API key

Now we have everything together to automatically generate fields!
Let the fun part begin...

Creating your own plans

Open two browser (one of them in incognito mode)
In the first, connect to and log in with your account for ingress.
On the other hand, connect to with the google account with which you have set up the Api key.

Enter the coordinates of the desired portals and their names.
Copy the link of the google sheet.

Go back to your bash and paste the code shown:
./ -p /yourWorkingPath --plotdpi 144 -c idkfa -i 10000 -s yourGooglesheetURL -g yourGoogelApiKey
replace the -s parameter with your google sheets link
replace the -g parameter with your API key

There are several parameters you can set. Visit:

Ouch!!!! Dont forget to enable the billing mode in google cloud projects.

Happy fielding!!